To enhance our student growth, Dynamic Mentoring has developed “Subject Matter Expert Study Groups,” where student can fine tune their specialties in a skill building atmosphere. The following is our present group list:

Oracle King’s Technology Group (OKTG): Oracle, IBM Guardium Data Security
Tech King’s Technology Group (TKTG): AWS, Red Hat Linux & Cyber Security


Dynamic Mentoring Curriculum consists of the following:

Build, Mold & Inspire I
Build, Mold & Inspire II
The ManUal I
The ManUal II


Basketball education, skills training & player development
Participation in our AAU Basketball Team
AAU Basketball Games, Tournaments & Show Cases
All players receive film, bio & photography
College visitations & scouting reports
Access to the “Next Level Up Program” powered by SSMA Pro Agency
Sports Mentoring Curriculum – Build, Mold & Inspire II
Individual & Group Skills Training