AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-CO1)

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Video Course - Digital Cloud Training

Dynamic Mentoring Tech has develop a AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner for the absolute beginner, professional, and organizations that are interested in the skills of AWS. In this program, we cover IT infrastructure, AWS fundamentals, history and essentials. This program will set the foundation that’s needed to advance our members further in the AWS technology conversation. In addition, this program will also included introduction to cloud, models and services as an added BONUS! In little as 8 to 10 weeks, you can earn your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification. Come learn the Dynamic Way! We make learning with us affordable through our flexible payment plans!


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner  (Schedule Appointment for Price)
– IT Infrastructure I: Computer & Hardware Basics
– Linux Fundamentals, History & Essentials
– Intro to Cloud Computing, Models & Services
– AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
– Introduction to AWS Certified Solution Architect
– Assigned Mentor & Coaching (90 days)
– Assigned AWS Mentor & Coaching (90 days)


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