Linux & Cyber Professional (LXCS-2021)

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Dynamic Mentoring has put together our comprehensive Linux & Cyber Professional Program! You will learn much about specific roles as an Cyber Security Analytics Professional (CSAP), Cyber Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional (CNVP) or a Cyber Network Security Professional (CNSP). Your skillset will continue with other skills such as server components, Unix/Linux essentials to Linux Administration. With this program you gain a System Admin (technical) and Cyber Security (administrative) skill-sets that will elevate your career path immediately. This program is designed for the absolute beginner reach to be cultivate – ALL in phrases over 32 weeks  – social economically! Listed below is where the program starts, however – as you stay on the program, our team will combine your skill and career path the “DYNAMIC WAY!”

Tuition: $15000 $7650 Cohort w/ eLearning Access, Labs, Exam Prep & Exam Voucher (payment plans available)

Linux & Cyber Security Professional (Includes: Laptop, Mouse & Monitor w/ Warranty)
– Computer Basics & Essentials
– Operating System Basics & Fundamentals
– System Administration Basics & Essentials
– Linux System Administration I & II
– Intro to Cloud Computing, Models & Services
– CompTIA’s  Linux+, Security+ CySA+ or  Pentest+
– Assigned Mentor & Coaching (90 days)
– Assigned Linux/Oracle OCI Mentors & Coaching (90 days)
– Technical Examination & Mock Interview Preparation

Up Charge Services for Linux & Cyber Security Professional Program
– $250 to add an extra 30 days of Mentoring & Coaching
– $250 to add an extra 30 days of Linux/OCI Mentoring & Coaching
– $450 – $850 to add Richard Drosin’s “ Resume & Career Coaching Package”
– $250 to add Credit Foundations Academy

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