Linux & OCI Architect


Dynamic University has put together a comprehensive Linux & OCI Foundations & Architect tech package, which includes a comprehensive study of the role of System Administration with a strong emphasis on Linux history, fundamentals, and essentials. In addition, with the System Administration focus, you will be trained in the AWS Certified Practitioner Prep Course to bridge the gaps in cloud technically. This program in 26 weeks, is designed for the absolute beginner to develop as a cloud administrator, literally taking them from “0 to hero” – social economically!

Linux & OCI Architect starting @ $5000
– Computer Basics & Essentials
– Operating System Basics & Fundamentals
– System Administration Basics & Essentials
– Linux System Administration I & II
– Intro to Cloud Computing, Models & Services
– Oracle OCI Foundations Associate & Architect Certifications
– Assigned Mentor & Coaching (90 days)
– Assigned Linux/Oracle OCI Mentors & Coaching (90days)
– Technical Examination & Mock Interview Preparation

Up Charge Services for Linux & OCI Architect Program
$250 to add an extra 30 days of Mentoring & Coaching
$250 to add an extra 30 days of Linux/OCI Mentoring & Coaching
$450 – $850 to add Richard Drosin’s “ Resume & Career Coaching Package”
$150 to add Kingdom Mentoring Academy
$150 to add Dynamic Mentoring Academy
$150 to add Credit Foundations Academy

BONUS Extras!
20% OFF on Returning Students & Referral Program
Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF
–  Scholarship Opportunities Available!