The Creators

Tyrone Hall

Mr. Hall is one of the top success stories from the tech training consulting firm MetropolTech Consulting, Inc.! He started out taking courses in Linux, Oracle, DevOps, Cyber, AWS, IBM, and other technologies. He immediately changed his the course of His life FOREVER!

Mr. Hall’s ’s first job was a position as a Oracle DBA! But that’s NOT all! In less than two weeks later, Tyrone pick up a second position working as an Linux System Administrator! Mr. Hall’s hunger didn’t slow down, he is now a solid Linux System Administrator, Oracle DBA and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect. Tyrone currently works as an government contractor is one of the founder’s of the Dynamic Mentoring Program.

Rashad Price

Rashad is a poised “Gang Prevention & College Preparedness Architect,” in which he has literally “Build, Mold & Inspired” hundreds of youth to reach their full potential. He is also a well polished high school basketball coach that is note worthy.

Price is also another great success story from the MetropolTech Training Center. Price attended the Linux Systems Administrator, AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solution Architect. Today Rashad is a very successful Linux & Cloud Engineer.

Here with the Dynamic Mentoring Program, Mr. Price serves as an Expert Gang Mr. Price acts in many roles, such as: the Community Specialist, Linux & AWS Mentor and facilitator for our members of this program. Today, Mr. Price works as a College Preparedness Counselor and is the co-founder of the Dynamic Mentoring Program.

Some of Mr. Price accomplishments range for decreasing youth involved crime by 88.9% in the Montgomery County area, effectively impacting the MS13 presence with solutions!  Mr. Price is “Indeed Priceless” to the Dynamic Mentoring Family, for he is an exceptional cultivator and leader!