Tech for the Absolute Beginner (Tech Academy)

The Best Uses for e-Learning in the Contact Centre

Dynamic Mentoring Tech has the MOST innovative youth mentoring and professional coaching program, that will literally empower and impact our communities nationwide. This is an one on one and/or small group technical mentoring and coaching VIP Sessions (2 hours). The youth academy is full of in depth comprehensive technical learning and professional career coaching. We develop this option for our members that need a more flexible alternative and additional support.

Is technology robbing today's youth of creativity? – Akoma Unity Center

“We have to face it –> tech is the future! So, why not learn from BEST tech mentoring program in the world!”

COST –>Youth 8 -14 –> $150 to start, then $150 Monthly (4 training sessions per month)

COST –>Youth 14 -17–> $175 to start, then $175 Monthly (4 training sessions per month)

COST –>18+ or Absolute Beginner $250 to start, then $250 Monthly (8 training sessions per month)


– Live Cohort Classes*
– Innovative eLearning LMS access
– Certified Study Materials
– Certified LMS eLearning Platform
– Certified Exam Preparation
– Certified Exam Voucher
– Assigned Tech Mentors & Career Coaching

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