Dynamic Mentoring Tech

“We Empower and Cultivate for God’s Kingdom through Information Technology”

Dynamic Mentoring Tech has a innovative tech mentoring program, which establishes our core principles – “Empower, Cultivate and Elevate.” What sets us apart is our diverse programming: Dynamic Mentoring Tech, Workforce Development, and Kingdom Mentoring & Coaching. Dynamic Mentoring offers this comprehensive tech program to empower and to cultivate by bridging gaps of wealth gaps in society. We help make available industry leading skills and resources to empower communities.

We are partners with DevOps, AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, EC-Council, Oracle, and CompTIA, in which empowers us to delivery top tech industry related certifications governed by the DoD Directive 8140/8570.0.01-M. With that being said, our students have industry standard certification training that is proven to lead to a greater financial situation. Our programming has proved to increase positive posture in tech development nationwide, by simply adding the needed foundations, cornerstones and resources. We are wholeheartedly focus on refurbishing the family foundations and surrounding kingdom concepts that makes communities safer, diversely educated, cultivated and full of resources.


Our approach is to cultivate, by any means necessary! We take the about of encouraging every member that “you are what you think.” Therefore, we go hands on —> literally on the posture of the industry and profession. Next, we introduce the Kingdom concepts of life to empower and affirm to our member to execute in every area of their lives. Lastly, we introduce the skill set —> the vehicle!

Dynamic Mentoring Tech takes pride in providing real world hands on experience to our members. We believe that our members benefit more when they are deeply hands on in projects, fixes and breaks. This is primary the reason that Linux System Administration is our foundational skill set that make sense in our programming. Furthermore, our Instructors are experts, in which they mentor and cultivate members skill sets through our vigorous training. After, our training we place our members in a 6 month internship, which supports the hands on experience.