The Founder

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Tyrone R. Hall, CEO, RHCSA, AWS, OCA, IBM, CLNP, CNIP, GCP, CyberOps

Tyrone is presently empowering his community globally through the word of God and the vehicle of  Dynamic Mentoring Tech. Dynamic Mentoring Tech is a incubation system that mentors the world’s leading tech skills. What’s different about Dynamic Mentoring Tech is that, Tyrone present an unique teaching style that helps others identify who they are in Kingdom of God, how they will expand His kingdom and align their lives through His culture, language and principles. With that being said, Tyrone leads the next generation to limitless possibilities and wonders by simply reminding people globally on what God said you are! Tyrone is a product of ChurchONE Waldorf, under the leadership of Overseer Bennie A. Duncan, where he serves as his honorable armourbearer.

Tyrone learned skills in Linux, Oracle, IBM Guardium, AWS, Google and many other technologies to survive in this tech savvy century. These skill proved to shift his financial trajectory by 300%! But what Tyrone found strange was, even though he had an exciting and well paid tech career, the void in his live was the relationship with God and the evidence of salvation to support an transformed life. Therefore, through many life trials, ups and downs, and trying to cope with life circumstances. Tyrone keep moving towards God, knocking and then one day God answered, through Pastor Bennie A. Duncan. From there hope developed through every word heard, which develop Tyrone’s faith to understand his purpose, position and assignments in God’s kingdom!  This is when Dynamic Mentoring Tech was born, a layer of kingdom expansion!

Tyrone’s testimony is ALL apart of Dynamic Mentoring Tech vision, to provide a platform that would allow the youth, the men, families, professionals, organizations globally the opportunity to take advantage of developing a relationship with God, entering His Kingdom and to gain the top industry tech skills at the same time. “Dynamic Mentoring Tech was created, to literally be the seed of hope to the hopeless; to bring fourth a harvest – showing God’s Kingdom, and Glory forever!



Tyrone wants everyone to know –> “GOD is still in control —> His Kingdom is infinite –> Keep Going! Remember, He Loves You, It’s about YOUR Relationship with God!”