DMT Mentoring Services

Why does the Dynamic Mentoring Tech use a mentorship model? Well, it’s a proven system of positive youth intervention that works. The research is clear. It shows the positive impact mentoring has on young people.

Mentoring plays a positive role for students who may be falling off track.

Students who meet regularly with mentors are 52 percent less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37 percent less likely to skip a class. (Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Young adults who face an opportunity gap but have a mentor are 55 percent more likely to be enrolled in college than those who did not have a mentor. (The Mentoring Effect, 2014)

In addition to better school attendance and a better chance of going on to higher education, mentored youth maintain better attitudes toward school. (The Role of Risk, 2013)

Beyond the classroom, at-risk youth with mentors were found to be:

78% more likely to volunteer regularly.
90% more interested in becoming a mentor themselves.


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