Linux & AWS Architect


Dynamic University has put together a comprehensive Linux & AWS Foundations tech package, which includes a comprehensive study of the role of System Administration with a strong emphasis on Linux history, fundamentals, and essentials. In addition, with the System Administration focus, you will be trained in the AWS Certified Practitioner & AWS Certified Solutions Architect Prep Course to bridge the gaps in cloud technically. This program in 16 weeks, is designed for the absolute beginner to develop as a cloud administrator, literally taking them from “0 to hero” – social economically!

Linux & AWS Architect starting @ $5000
– Computer Basics & Essentials
– Operating System Basics & Fundamentals
– System Administration Basics & Essentials
– Linux System Administration I & II
– Intro to Cloud Computing, Models & Services
– AWS Certified Practitioner & AWS Architect Prep Course
– Assigned Mentor & Coaching (90 days)
– Assigned Linux/AWS Mentors & Coaching (90 days)
– Technical Examination & Mock Interview Preparation

Up Charge Services for Linux & AWS Foundations Program
$250 to add an extra 30 days of Mentoring & Coaching
$250 to add an extra 30 days of Linux /AWS Mentoring & Coaching
$450 – $850 to add Richard Drosin’s “ Resume & Career Coaching Package”
$150 to add Kingdom Mentoring Academy
$150 to add Dynamic Mentoring Academy
$150 to add Credit Foundations Academy

BONUS Extras!
20% OFF on Returning Students & Referral Program
Buy 1 Get 1 30% OFF
–  Scholarship Opportunities Available!