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Church One Waldorf is here, powered by God’s Purpose Ministries Bennie A. Duncan. Sunday services are lead by the spirit to empower, restore & refresh you, in hopes of realigning the King’s  purpose, power and authority in your life –  according to God’s sovereign provision in life. “There is a WORD for every circumstance or storm we face – let’s talk about the it.” Tune in EVERY Sunday via Facebook Live, YouTube or Periscope (Bennie A. Duncan). Enjoy – let this word able you to repent and be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and DEVELOP a life style of repentance for the King’s Glory!


Church One Waldorf is a friendly church with a kingdom culture that promotes family interaction, empowerment and cultivation. There is One Lord, One Faith, and One Baptism and we are One in the Spirit of the Almighty God. With this display of Unity God commands the blessing into our lives!


In this series we talk about “The Purpose & Power of Agreeing with God – part 1-3