Financial Literacy & Credit Management


Why Your Business Needs to Analyze Financial Literacy Trends

4 week program

Dynamic Mentoring Program provides an elite financial literacy program, with a powerful emphasis on credit understanding, build and management. Learn ALL about financial responsibility, money management, debt strategies and credit management. In this program, youth will be empowered in the following:

To Eliminate Inaccuracies Affecting Your Credit Rating
To Lower Your Interest Rates
To Improve Your Employment Screening

Our curriculum is packed with the following!

– What is credit

–  What’s not on your credit

– 6 worst things to appear on your credit report

– How mistakes occur on your credit file

– Students & credit

– Medical bills

– Maintain good credit

– Credit building tips

– Credit vs. debt

– What is the Chexsystem

– Wage Garnishment

– Bankruptcy

– And so much more!