Grindhouse Hoops


The Dynamic Mentoring Program is excited to announce our partnership with Grindhouse Hoops, thanks to coach Chris Brown we have established our elite tech mentoring program to there catalog! The new offerings from the Dynamic Mentoring Program is a combination of Linux Systems Administration with either attachment of: AWS, Oracle or DevOps. Now, you can grasp both platforms -Grindhouse Hoops and Dynamic Mentoring Program at one location – 52 Industrial Park Drive, Waldorf, MD.

Grindhouse​ Hoops is committed to providing student athletes of all ages with effective basketball-specific strength, conditioning and skills training. Our program is designed to reduce injury and build a strong athletic foundation, while increasing a players overall athleticism and skill.  We also instill in our athletes the disciplines of hard-work, also know as “The Grindhouse Wayay”.  Thus empowering our players to maximize their potential on and off the court.

Please let them know that Dynamic Mentoring Program referred you! Call today 301-806-7930 or visit

​Small Group Training Sessions

Small Group Training sessions our designed to focus on ball handling, game moves, shooting, conditioning, footwork, and more. Our Small Group Training session were created to provide each player with an opportunity to compete in an intense training environment while concentrating on the fundamental aspects of Basketball. These sessions will improve your agility, reaction, quickness, flexibility, explosiveness, power, strength and endurance.  Small Group Training Sessions are an hour long and will be conducted Monday – Friday from 5pm – 9pm.
(Please note that there will only be up to 8 athletes allowed to participate in each session.)

12 (60 min) Small Group Training Session $240.00

8 (60 min) Small Group Training Session $160.00

1 (60 min) Small Group Training $30.00