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Dynamic Mentoring Basketball Program

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We are the BEST! And here’s why!

Sponsored by the Dynamic Mentoring Program, Hall-Price Basketball+ Program gives youth (11th & 12th graders) a second chance at competing at the highest level, combined with the vehicle of information technology. THE PROGRAM IS PART OF THE HALL-PRICE COMMUNITY PREP PROGRAM. We believes that youth should have greater opportunities that set them up in life, not imprison them in debt. We also believe that youth should be physically active and learn how to be apart of a team or team atmosphere. Therefore, this program offers the best of both worlds in a safe, cultivation incubator environment. What makes us different is when youth come to our program, they not only have a great time playing basketball, but they earn industry leading tech certification, get a foundation in financial literacy, career coaching and mentoring all in one place! We stand by the name “Dynamic Mentoring Program.”

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