Hit The Gym & Linux Program


Imagine having a place to train your body with others in a group like atmosphere and having the opportunity to develop industry leading tech skills in innovative program. We specialize in Linux System Engineering as a foundation, then we give our clients the opportunity to make attachments skills in Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Oracle OCI, Google, Cybersecurity, or even AWS –>ALL while hitting the gym. This program is good for beginner gym folks or gym rats. We just are interested in starting a community where Linux is a part of every movement and conversation!

Dynamic Mentoring Tech has developed a solution that will helps elevate the community, and positive engagements – we welcome you the “Hit the Gym & Linux Program.” At whole, this platform develops anyone, and the absolute beginner to be poised tech professionals and athletes, all while developing human bodies!

We develop this program simply because we know what works, as far as gainful employment and having a great time while you are doing it. We know all about staying fit. But now we empower the next generation to add a trade with it. Therefore, the DMT Team decided to help make the decision to impact communities by providing tech as an option. If you are interested in learning more about the Fitness and Linux Program platform, please contact us at Tyrone@dynamicmentoring.org.


Well, it’s simple we focus on tech skills that pay the bills, in which Linux System Engineering is our foundation! Just think of it as our program members getting trained and certifications in Linux System Engineer, ALL while working out! A very different approach to our modern educational process, but, very effective in supporting the next generation in closing the wealth gap and increasing positive youth engagement.


We simply we form a fitness group or put you in a accountability group, you guys select a time you will meet to work out (for at least 1hr). This DMT will put that group in our specialized Linux for the Absolute Beginner training group class. EASY! STRAIGHT LIKE THAT!