Hey, Ty! “When are you starting your next Linux & DB Specialist Training?” Well, Iam glad you asked! Well, ok since you asked how about joining my Members ONLY Linux & DB Specialist Training Program. Would you be interested? If so, here is some details regarding it. Choose A & B training class that best suits your schedule!

Dynamic Mentoring Tech: 401 Post Office Rd. Suite 101, Waldorf, MD 20602

MEMBERSHIP & TECHNOLOGY FEE: Deposit $350, and $350 per month

Training Schedule:

A Class Schedule – ONLY on Sat 8am to 10:30am (Linux System Engineer)

B Class Schedule – ONLY on Sat 10am to 12:30n (DB Specialist)

C Mentoring Sessions & Events – TBD

Example of Members ONLY Linux Training Syllabus: Milestone Method


– Phrase 1: Hardware, Software & Networking Essentials

– Phrase 2: Virtualization Essentials

– Phrase 3: Linux Essentials

– Phrase 4: Linux Essentials Recap

– Phrase 5: Linux System Admin Skills

– Phrase 6: Linux System Admin Essentials Skills Recap

– Phrase 7: Linux System Engineering Skills

– Phrase 8: Linux System Engineering Skills Recap

you are ready for the Linux Exam!

– Phrase 9: Graduation! Technical Certificate in Linux by DMT

– Phrase 10: Exam Vouchers for Linux Engineering


– Phrase 1: Hardware, Software & Networking Recap

– Phrase 2: Virtualization Recap

– Phrase 3: Server Essentials

– Phrase 4: Server Essentials Recap

– Phrase 5: Server Administration Skills (Windows & Linux)

– Phrase 6: Server Administration Skills Recap

– Phrase 7: Server Engineering Skills (Build, Break, Fix & Deploy)

– Phrase 8: Server Engineering Skills Recap

you are ready for the Linux Exam!

– Phrase 9: Graduation! Technical Certificate in Server by DMT

– Phrase 10: Exam Vouchers for Server Specialist


– Phrase 1: DevOps overview

– Phrase 2: Ansible Essentials

– Phrase 3: Ansible Essentials Recap

– Phrase 4: Ansible Engineering (Build, Break, Fix & Deploy)

– Phrase 5: Resume or CV Assistance & Interview Preparation

What’s included in the Linux training?

– Everything above!

– All learning materials are provided by me

– Access to exam vouchers & retakes

– Members ONLY – Linux mentors & Career Coaching

– Members ONY Linux Group Sessions & Events

– Members ONLY Linux Specialist Share Drive

What do you need to do to participate?

– A strong will learn and a positive attitude

– A laptop with about 8 GiBs of RAM

What Certification will you achieve?

– Technical Certificate by Dynamic Mentoring Tech (DMT)

– Linux+ Certification (CE)

– Server+ Certification (Good for Life)

– Red Hat Ansible Training (Good for Life)

After training what jobs do you qualify for?

– Linux Administrator (125K to 225K)

– Cloud Engineer (100K to 165K)

– DevOps Support Engineer (120K to 175K)

– Technical Support Specialist (95K to 130K)

– Systems Administrator (95K to 130K)

– Network Administrator (95K to 130K)

– Web Administrator/ Developer (98K to 140K)

– Cybersecurity Engineer (105K to 192K)

– Linux Engineer (175K to 315K)

– Data Center Technician (105k to 150K)

– Server Administrator (95K to 150K)

– Field Service Technician/Engineer (95K to 135K)

– IT Technician (85K to 125K)

– Data Center Engineer (115K to 175K)

How to get involved?

Send an inbox me directly or email me